We are the Crystal Group

Established in 1982, we are a property development and investment management firm dedicated to enhancing the lives of everyday Australians through the provision of quality residential, commercial and industrial developments.
From residential estates to multi-million-dollar shopping and dining precincts servicing today’s communities, we bring local knowledge and experience to every project.
Because helping build this country is a privilege we take seriously.

We have:

  • Acquired, developed, marketed and sold in excess of 1600 residential house lots.
  • Designed, built, marketed and sold more than 80 houses.
  • Acquired, owned, re-positioned and managed 16,859 m2 of office space in Melbourne.
  • Built, owned and managed over 39,650 m2 of factory space.
  • Built owned and managed over 16,529 m2 of retail space in Victoria and Tasmania.
  • Acquired, improved and operated in excess of 2900 Ha of agricultural land.

A Multi-Faceted Approach

The Crystal Group’s property interests extend across a range of asset classes and property sectors including:

  • Greenfield Land Subdivision
  • Residential Planning, Development, and Construction
  • Community Buildings and Government Facilities
  • Industrial Land Subdivision and Development
  • Commercial Office Retail development and asset management
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Heritage Building Restoration

As a private property investment, development and management firm, The Crystal Group have acquired, developed, sold and currently manage an extensive property portfolio.

Collectively versed in engineering, sales, media, community representation and design sustainability, our shared experience at The Crystal Group extends across all major aspects of property and its development, from its planning and financing to its construction and management.

We create places where people love to work, live and connect.

Crystal Group expertise